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October 19, 2022

11 Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Lucknow is the second-happiest city in India and an excellent place to raise a family. With plenty of the best areas to stay in Lucknow, this city offers quality living at budget-friendly prices. The city offers countless ready-to-move-in and new residential options both in premiums and affordable price brackets. Furthermore, payment of property tax in Lucknow is trouble-free and available online. 

Here is a list of the best areas to stay in Lucknow where one can consider purchasing a property. 

1. Indira Nagar – One Of The Prime And Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow 

One of the best areas to stay in Lucknow, Indira Nagar is a large and developed residential area. There are several residential properties in the neighborhood. Some of the important roadways improving the neighborhood’s access to other areas are Picnic Spot Road, Tedhi Pulia Ring Road, Chandan Road, Takrohi Road, and Faizabad Road.

Some of the government buildings in the area include Vikas Bhawan, Jan Sampark Karyalaya, U.P. State Construction, and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, and Vigilance HQ Lucknow. The locality also offers a wide range of social facilities, employment opportunities and swift access to few business centres. Indira Nagar is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

2. Aliganj – One Of The Largest & Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Famously known as the city of plums, Aliganj is Lucknow’s second-largest residential locality after Indira Nagar. Aliganj is situated in Lucknow’s Trans Gomti District. The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) offers quick access to the neighbourhood. Due to the presence of a reputable institution and other social services, it has become one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow. 

Numerous job possibilities are available in Aliganj at both public and commercial organisations, including the Geological Survey of India, UPSC, IMDUP, CPWD, BSNL, PWD, Prajit Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and Quest Biotech (India).

3. Amar Shaheed Path – One Of The Upbeat & Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

An elevated route called Amar Shaheed Path runs from Kanpur Road or Faizabad Road to the city. One of the best areas to stay in Lucknow, this elevated roadside is constantly developing and on a strong growth trajectory. There are a variety of high-rise flats, plots, villas, businesses, and enterprises in this area. Amar Shaheed Path is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

Service class members have access to a variety of job options in the Amar Shaheed Path. There are several SEO and event management firms in the area, including Hipster Pvt. Ltd, RPI consultants, and S j Infra Developers Pvt Ltd. A number of pharmaceutical firms and an IT park are also located in the area.

4. Gomti Nagar – IT Centre & Posh Areas In Lucknow 

Gomti Nagar is a residential, commercial and IT hub of the city that welcomes families. It is a posh areas in Lucknow and one of the city’s largest and most developing districts. This neighbourhood is further separated into Gomti Nagar Phase I, Gomti Nagar Phase II, and Gomti Nagar Extension. Gomti Nagar is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

Several important roads, including Lohia Patha, Amar Shaheed Path, and Viraj Khand Road, improve the neighbourhood’s connectivity. These areas are preferred by house purchasers due to the presence of physical and social infrastructure including large highways, schools, and public transportation. With significant companies providing employment opportunities, this locale has gained lots of attention.

5. Faizabad Road – Industrial & Among The Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Faizabad Road connects Lucknow to Faizabad and is one of the important industrial hubs of the state. Faizabad Road is one of the posh areas in Lucknow with affluent residential localities in the surroundings that are mostly preferred by the top Government officials and business community. Various corporate parks nearby to Faizabad Road includes ELDECO Corporate Park, Awadh Park which provides employment opportunities in the IT/ITeS sector. 

6. Hazratganj – Centrally Located Posh Areas In Lucknow

Sited in the heart of the old Lucknow, Hazratganj is one of the upbeat business districts. The neighbourhood was modelled after Queen Street in London, combining mediaeval and modern architecture. Numerous crowded bazaars, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, theatres, and offices are located there. The neighbourhood is situated next to the Gomti River and a number of historic structures, including the Lucknow Museum. Hazratganj is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

The residential construction is quite limited and primarily takes the shape of historic kothis and legacy single-family homes. With the rest of Lucknow, Hazratganj Colony is well connected by Maharana Pratap Marg, Mahatma Gandhi Marg and Lohia Path.

7. Jankipuram – Safe & Among Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Jankipuram is the educational hub and residential area with a mix of villa, plotted development and high-rise apartments. Major highway NH-24 which is known as Lucknow-Delhi highway passes through Jankipuram. The location has wonderful social facilities and infrastructure, which makes one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow. IT/ITES and teachers work in Jankipuram that is home to companies, elementary schools and colleges. Jankipuram is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

8. Mahanagar – One Of The Commercial & Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Mahanagar is a residential cum commercial area and is divided into various blocks. Excellent housing options, proximity to business hubs, industrial areas and other employment hubs, makes this location one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow. The locale enjoys excellent connectivity to other parts through Acharya Narendra dev Marg, Faizabad Road, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Picnic Spot Road and Mandir Marg. Mahanagar is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

9. Vibhuti Khand – Developed & Among Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

One of the well-developed residential and commercial sub-localities of Gomti Nagar, Vibhuti Khand is one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow. The main drivers of growth in the residential sector are the presence of well-known corporations and first-rate social infrastructure. National Highway 30 provides excellent connectivity between Vibhuti Khand and the rest of the city. National Thermal Power Corporation, Sony Corporation, Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Hero Motocorp and other companies are in Vibhuti Khand. Vibhuti Khand is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

10. Chinhat – One Of The Raising & Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Chinhat is a sought-after location for many purchasers due to its significance as a neighbourhood for both residential and industrial purposes. Chinhat is home to the popular Chinhat Industrial Estate, hosting many large scale and medium scale industries. It is a prominent national and state level headquarters of SONY, Ultratech Cement and Reliance Retail, making it one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow for working professionals. Malhaur Railway Station Road, Padera Raebareli Road, and Satrikh Road link Chinhat to other areas of Lucknow. Chinhat is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

11. Alambagh: One of the Best Areas to Stay in Lucknow

Alambagh is one of the most popular communities in Lucknow. It is one of the oldest localities that are surrounded by various heritage sites and tourist places. The locality is well-developed and has various residential projects under construction. Different societies in Alambagh offer attractive amenities like a swimming pool, jogging track, and guest parking, with various others.

Other Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Vikas Nagar – Vikas Nagar is one of the best areas to stay in Lucknow with all amenities in the vicinity. In recent years, this neighbourhood has had a tremendous expansion in terms of commercial centres, schools, a new mini-stadium, and hospitals. The region has an added benefit due to its proximity to the major road and highway. The average price of residential apartments in Vikas Nagar is Rs 4,579/sq ft while the residential house is Rs 7,671/sq ft. Vikas Nagar is considered as one of the most posh areas in Lucknow.

Ashiyana Colony – One of the best areas to stay in Lucknow, Ashiyana Colony is located along the Kanpur Road. The locality is divided into many sectors and has various sub-localities. Ashiyana Colony gets wonderful connectivity with the rest of Lucknow through Transport Nagar Road, Amar Shaheed Path, Kanpur Road and Ashiyana Road. Residential options are enormous with the average price of the residential house is Rs 4,791/sq ft.

Things You Must Know Before Moving to Lucknow

  1. Lucknow is one of the safest cities in India, with low theft, assault, and other violent crimes rate. 

  2. The city is neither too hot nor too chilly, but has excellent weather.

  3. There are numerous buildings in Lucknow with varied architectural styles dating from the Mughal and British eras.

  4. Most significantly, Lucknow has a lovely atmosphere and the locals are kind.

  5. The city is well-known for non-vegetarian cuisine and street food.

  6. Lucknow is home to several gardens, monuments, and lakes.

  7. Old Lucknow is bustling, has a large food hub and wholesale jewellery market.

  8. New Lucknow is modern and one of the well planned cities of the continent.

  9. The cost of living and food is low in the city and there is a wide variety. 

  10. There are both commercial centres and recreational amenities.

Final Words On Best Areas To Stay In Lucknow

Lucknow is India’s second-happiest city. Wider highways, planned architecture, international cricket stadiums, parks, and large retail malls make the city a genuine cosmopolitan attracting residents from all over the country.

There are many residential options available in Lucknow, making it easy for newcomers to choose the perfect home. One can find many best areas to stay in Lucknow in a range of pricing points, from budget-friendly to luxurious. The mentioned localities are found to be top residential areas for relocating families. For more information and compare property prices in different areas, consider property rates trends page.

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